We believe that all dogs and humans alike deserve a second chance at a better life. Our organization is dedicated to raising awareness for discriminated breeds, senior dogs,and dogs who need special emotional or physical accommodations.  Although we are not a physical shelter, our approach is unique. We volunteer at shelters, within local foster networks, and take dogs out for the day on hikes to soak in the Vermont wilderness. Some of the dogs have never seen the woods, have never felt snow, have never even been off a line.

In doing this, our mission is to help the public see and perceive these dogs without the stigma that comes with the shelters. Social media plays a huge role in generating attention to our cause and the adoptable dogs. Through photography and video, people are able to see each dog’s kind and playful spirit that would normally be impossible to see at a shelter.



Through their mutual love of Dogs and all things Vermont, Katie & Chelsea started RAD (Redemption for Adoptable Dogs) Girls Club where they take pleasure in giving back to the Rescue community while supporting local makers and connecting humans and dogs through adventure.