Jamie's Story

Jamie is a 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier and Feist mix who came to All Breed Rescue in Williston, VT this year, and her story is one for the big hearted.  Jamie was surrended by her previous owner who claimed to not have “enough time” to properly care for her.  Her intake reports that she had been formerly abused before being adopted by her previous owner, but Jamie is incredibly sweet with both humans and other dogs alike.  Jamie has made quite an impression on the staff and volunteers at All Breed Rescue, and we were hoping she would be quickly adopted.  Unfortunately, after Jamie’s first medical evaluation, it was clear that she had a few issues that would make it difficult for her to be adopted out.  After receiving x-rays, doctors noticed that Jamie had a bullet lodged in her spine.  Though it isn’t causing her any physical pain, they believe it might be tied to the fact that she suffers from fecal incontinence.  Simply put, Jamie tends to go to the bathroom without even realizing it.  After being examined by a surgeon and veterinary staff, it was decided that an operation to remove the bullet would be both risky and costly, and that it ultimately might not improve her fecal incontinence. 

The RAD Girls had originally planned to fundraise for Jamie to fund her surgery, but after receiving the sad news that nothing could be done, the least we can do is put her out there and ask you all to share her story.  Jamie is the sweetest dog in the world, and is a tiny, portable 15 pounds.  She knows a few commands, and would do fine in any kind of a home.  She loves all humans and gets along well with other dogs.  Unfortunately, Jamie will need to either wear a doggy diaper, or live with a patient owner who can provider her with lots of outside time.  Because of Jamie’s medical issues, and a food allergy, Jamie needs a very special, loving person who is committed to letting her live out her (potentially very short) life outside of the shelter.  Despite her issues Jamie is incredibly sweet and is just looking for humans to love her everyday. 

Jamie is available through All Breed Rescue in Williston, Vermont and will be one of our special cases to promote.  To learn more about Jamie visit her profile at www.allbreedrescuevt.com and fill out an adoption application today!  Jamie deserves a chance to live outside of the shelter and we’re hoping to find someone with a huge heart and tremendous patience to welcome this lady home.