RAD Dog Rescues: Paul and Zoe

I just spent a long weekend in Boulder CO getting back to my roots after a long week of ups and downs within the rescue community.  We give so much credit to the professionals who work everyday to make sure these animals are kept healthy and happy until they are able to go into a loving home, and when we lose a dog like we did last week, its hard not to beat yourself up and ask if you could have done more.  Lucky I got to see some of my greatest friends and be uplifted by the bonds we've made that we sometimes need to bring us back down to earth.  I got to see my hilarious friend Paul and his rescue dog Zoe, and asked him to share her rescue story.  Take a minute to read up about Zoe and her rescue dad Paul, and how Craigslist furniture brought them together.

"It was October of 2008 and I had somewhat settled into an apartment in Boulder CO.  And by that I mean I had my own room, and my mattress was now under a legit roof, instead of in the back of my covered pickup truck.  I had recently graduated from college, and broken up with a girlfriend, and had been meandering around the country like many in my position have done in the past.  I had decided to up my apartment game and find some furniture for my room, and what better place to find a bedside table and a mattress frame than the free section of Boulder Craigslist, right?  So anyways, an hour later I was sitting in my pickup, with Zoe in my lap.

"We've been calling her Zoe, but you can call her whatever you'd like" is what the lady in Louisville told me, as the little black and white creature ran up and rolled onto her back so I could rub her belly.  I had looked at some dogs at the SPCA back in California, but this was different, and I knew I had found something special.... my heart began to pound.

I looked around, a couple bigger dogs, cats, chickens, and children.... A full household!  "Why?" I asked.
"Haha, we don't need another animal here :) but my daughter works for a pet hospital and will sometimes bring home un injured or extra cute animals for me to watch over for a week or two.   If they're well mannered, (not crazy), and everything, it's much easier and quicker for me to find a good home for them, than to have them sitting around the shelter."

The next course of action was to whip out my flip phone and send a picture of Zoe to my new landlord/roomate with the caption, "I HOPE THIS IS OKAYYYYYYYYY?!?!?"   But it had already been decided, she would be mine forever <3For a long time I really couldn't believe how it all happened! I had been looking for furniture online.....  But she had been looking for me, and as I soon found out, whether it be a place to snuggle, a bone, the trash, or an ever intrusive kiss... Zoe always finds what she's looking for.

Thanks my little Earth Penguin, I have never known a love like yours."

Dogs always have a way of finding us when we need them the most. Happy weekend! - Katie