Live and Let Live Farm: Bailey's Story

Our awesome friend Whitney recently turned us on to an organization called Live and Let Live Farm, who saves pregnant dogs from the south and transports them north to be adopted out in the northeast.  This program not only raises awareness for Spay and Neuter but also gives chances to dogs who were not fortunate enough to receive adequate or responsible care.  Read on to see how Lula, Bailey's mom, made it north and how sweet Bailey is now living an incredible life here in Vermont with her parents Whitney and Matt! 

"I don't know much about Lula's past (Bailey's Momma) but I know that she was less than two years old when she found herself knocked up and in a southern high kill shelter. The organization, Live and Let Live started by rescuing abused and neglected farm animals - mostly horses. They then created a spin-off group called Live and Let Live Rescue Pennies Puppies who recognize that pregnant dogs are the first to be euthanized in high kill shelters before they have their litter. LLLRPP arranges for transportation up to NH a few weeks before their due date. They then utilize a network of foster families who take in the pregnant mom so that she can have her litter and raise her pups for 9 weeks. When Lula was brought up to NH, she was given a spa day by Barkingham Mobil Pet Spaw so that she would be refreshed for her big day. The group creates a FB photo album for the mom and her litter so people can view the puppies and pre-adopt by filling out. Her foster mom gave us a care package with a stuffed toy she had played with, and a piece of a blanket she slept with at birth. She sleeps with her blanket to this day! 

Because of Otis (our 8 year old house bunny), I wanted to make sure I did my research on the best breeds that have low prey drive and identify other animals as part of their "pack". I wanted a dog that would be protective of him, and would be protective of other animals I brought home in the future (chickens!). So while I wanted to adopt an adult dog out of my convictions, I felt it would be best to adopt a puppy that I could introduce to Otis at a young age. 

My family always had labs, so I really understood their personality and thought they'd be a good fit as Matt and my first dog together. I also saw that Great Pyrenees were great at protecting farm animals and very gentle. I found the group through Pet Finder when I searched "pyrador" and they had just posted Bailey's litter.

Bailey just turned 1 this April and she's literally the best thing that has ever happened to us (as you guys know!). She loves meeting new people and playing with dogs. She's especially considerate of dogs that are shy and tries to bring them out of their shell - at least what we're told by her daycare! She wants to be friends with every person and creature she meets (rabbits, cats, horses, chickens, even wild animals much to our distress!) She is loving and tolerant of babies and young kids. We've been told that she'd be an excellent therapy dog (maybe one day) and people are amazed that she's so calm and thoughtful at such a young age. 


She knows she's queen, though, making us pay "belly rub tolls" around the house at every opportunity. She'll paw us to let us know she's not done receiving pets and scratches. At 4:30 every day, she starts to let us know dinner needs to be served soon, by giving paw, whining/barking, and galloping around her bowl. Her favorite things in the world are belly rubs (of course), sticks, hikes, snow, swimming, relaxing on the deck and watching the pasture for deer.

At this start of this adventure of bringing home a new puppy, I was focused on finding a dog that would fit our family. But she has taught us that she has her own personality worthy of listening to, celebrating, and learning from. Bailey has taught us so much more about ourselves than we could ever have discovered on our own. She's taught me that being a fur-parent is less about training a dog to meet your needs and more about adapting to meet theirs.

We look forward to learning more from the dog she continues to grow up to be, and the new adventures we'll take together."

Bailey is lucky to live such an awesome life and its so important to recognize organizations who support dogs like Lula!  Please feel free to share and spread the word about Live and Let Live Farm and the importance of adopting animals like Lula and Bailey...its so worth it.

xx- The RAD Girls