RAD Partners: Vermont Dog Eats

When we first started this venture we were on a mission to partner with as many local businesses as possible to spread the word on adoption and highlight the incredible people that make up our badass Vermont community.  We wanted to support local makers and like-minded dog people, and we knew how much our dogs love Elisa and Vance's incredible dog treats that we always would pick up at the Burlington Farmers Market.  Vermont Dog Eats has been our go-to treat source and has been beyond generous in their support of us and our initiative.  Elisa recently shared her story of her rescue dog, Ginger, with us and we wanted to highlight their story and promote this amazing small company who both works hard in their quest to provide organic all natural treats to the public, and to support the adoption community in so many different ways.  Check out their beautiful website here and continue reading to hear more about their venture!

"We're Elisa, Vance, Arlo, Ginger and Napoleon — and we make dog treats. We run this organically-grown business in Burlington, VT. One day we decided that rather than buying dog treats with ingredients we couldn't pronounce, we would buy locally-sourced, healthy & organic foods and make them ourselves. The rest, as they say, is history... We're happy to make a product that makes dog's happier and healthier, and we're happy that owners can give their furry friends food that is just... food.

We have a network of local farms and partners that offer us access to some of the finest food around and as a result our dog treats are made with entirely real, human-grade food and absolutely NO wheat, soy, corn, sugar, byproducts or preservatives. We believe that good dog eats are vital to the health of of our furry friends.

As proud parents of a rescue dog and a few foster pups ourselves, we can’t say enough about the work done by animal rescue groups. That's why every year we donate 2% of our profits to local animal rescue/welfare organizations. Because supporting Vermont Dog Eats means supporting the community, too."


Ginger was rescued from the city pound in Hartford, CT just hours before she was scheduled to be euthanized, simply because they were out of room and resources. The veterinarian who examined her upon arrival in Vermont said she was most likely used as a breeding dog, given that she had had many litters and was found wandering the streets of Hartford without any collar or ID shortly after having given birth. She was our first foster dog, and within days it was pretty obvious that we couldn't give her up! In the four years we've had her at home, Ginger has proven to be the most loving and gentle dog we've ever met. She is a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs of Vermont, and loves visiting with seniors and children at the local nursing homes and schools. She's particularly fond of her little Chihuahua brother Napoleon and her little human brother Arlo. Ginger is a wonderful breed ambassador for pitbulls and I'm so glad to see how many hearts and minds she has affected through her amazing nature.