RAD Girl Rescues: Khuno

Read the story of Jill and Morgan's rescue dog Khuno, who was saved but has ultimately saved them both in their times of needing love. Have a rad day!

"Khuno was rescued after being found skin and bones by a dumpster in the middle of no where New York five or so years ago. He was nursed back to health and the first day he was ready for adoption, Morgan (my boyfriend) spotted him and instantly they connected. He brought him home nameless and because of his white fur and our love for snow, we came up with Khuno- the Incan God of snowstorms! He was unfortunately abused in the past so it has taken a lot of love and patience to get Khuno where he is today. He is one of the sweetest, loving, most cuddly dogs around. He has gone from hiding under the bed or in the corner so no one would touch him, to forcing any person he meets to hug or snuggle him. He's a talker (being a husky and all) and will make it known when you aren't giving him enough attention or love. Bedtime is his favorite word, he runs right for the bed, jumps in and cannot wait to be snuggled by his mom and dad. Playing with tennis balls and hikes are his favorite hobbies. We think he is about 8 now but still acts like a puppy. He has made our lives so much better and I just can't see how someone could have treated him the way they did. Proud to say he's my bestie!"