You may have seen Denver on our page before, and probably would assume a dog this beautiful would be snatched up quickly, but poor Denver is currently coming up on 1.5 years of being without his forever family.  Denver came from South Carolina as a puppy in October of 2015.  With the help of the network who pulled him from SC, Passion 4 Paws, we have been able to trace his background and begin to better understand why Denver is in the current situation hes in.  Denver is the epitome of the type of dog we rally for: a discriminated breed who is animal reactive and needs an understanding and patient owner.  Though Denver has been adopted before, he hasn’t found the right family to help him heal from the psychological scars he bears from his time before Passion 4 Paws.

Throughout his entire life, Denver has been supported by the same foster family, who has literally split their home in two in order to accommodate Denver being with them.  They keep Denver on one side of their house so that their family dogs and cats won’t scare him or make him feel uncomfortable, and for that everyone has been so grateful.  Passion 4 Paws found out that Denver had been attacked by other dogs in his foster in SC, and is reactive toward other dogs due to this fear.  He was adopted to someone living in a city apartment and the noise and commotion was too much for him, causing him to be returned.  He was also adopted to a family when he was still a puppy, and was quickly returned when Denver accidentally was too playful with their small child.  He suffered a few other unfortunate events during his puppyhood in SC and we believe that the emotional and physical scars left behind are lasting and will need to be accommodated.  This isn’t to say that Denver isn’t an amazing dog!  He loves his people, is snuggly and sweet, and is most at home out in nature.  We have taken him a few day trips out into secluded woods where we knew he wouldn’t be exposed to anything that would scare him, and he thrived. Not only does Denver love to explore, he is an avid swimmer and loves to launch himself into the lake for toys. 

Denver really had a rough start to life, and is lucky that he has been in a foster who is so dedicated to keeping him out of the shelter. He has been a victim of circumstance and we know that he will really flourish with the right family to help him overcome his fears and feel settled and at peace.  We know that he has incredible potential and would love to be with an active family who would be just as happy as he is to run and play.  Denver deserves redemption and we hope you can help us share his story in order to find the perfect place for him to live out the rest of his years.  He really is a Green Mountain Boy and would thrive the best in a home with no other pets, and older children who can handle a bouncy energetic dog.  For more info on Denver fill out an adoption application at and contact the RAD Girls Club at