RAD Dog Rescues: Sailor and Maree


We recently received the story of Sailor, a dog who is so deeply loyal to his humans and was given a second chance after finding himself in unfortunate circumstances that left him homeless in the shelter....read below to see how Sailor came into Maree's life:  Sailor is the epitome of a dog who became a shelter animal due to circumstance.


" I've fostered hundreds of dogs and cats over the last 14 years. The majority of the dogs I fostered were rescues from the south, which were then transported and adopted out through @petrescueny. For many years, an angel of a woman named Joanie would drive a van full of dogs from high kill shelters in South Carolina to New York just about every other weekend. She was a truck driver with a big heart, and an incredible love of dogs. Joanie made the painstaking decision to have gastric bypass surgery, and died during recovery. She was only in her mid-forties. Joanie's big heart extended beyond dogs. She had opened up her home to a homeless veteran named Bobby, and his canine companion, Sailor. When she passed, Bobby and Sailor were going to be homeless again. Bobby stayed in Joanie's trailer with Sailor for weeks after she died, with no electricity, despite the blistering summer heat. He knew that once Joanie's trailer went into foreclosure, he would be homeless again. He was heartbroken, but decided Sailor would be better off with someone who could afford to care for him. I met another transporter half way to pick Sailor up and drive him to the shelter in NY. She told me that Bobby and Sailor both cried hysterically when they parted ways. Sailor cried in his sleep when we stayed in a hotel that first night. I called the shelter to check up on him two days later, and they said he was depressed, curled up the corner of his run, refusing to eat. I decided to foster him.

Sailor never had an accident, if you told him to "stay," he would stay put for hours. He knew every command. I had never kept a foster before, but Sailor was just too good to be true. To this day, he is my best friend, and living proof that "perfect" dogs exist in rescue. I wouldn't trade him for the world!

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