RAD Dog Rescues: Baloo!

We recently got to join Green Mountain Canine Camp for a pack walk and met the sweetest dog ever, Baloo! He has a great rescue story involving dog reactivity, a common problem that can make any dog owner feel uneasy about bringing their dog out in public, no matter how sweet they may be at home.  The power of research, training, and extra positive stimulus turned Baloo around and he LOVES his days on pack walks!  Read on to hear his story and make sure to check out  Green Mountain Canine Camp !


Steve and I have always believed in "adopt, don't shop."  We already had a black cat adopted from Addison County, but Steve always had dogs, and Jenn wanted one.  We immediately began looking on PetFinder.  Jenn wanted a big breed--maybe a Newfie or Bernese Mountain Dog--and those weren't always easy to find in local shelters.  We found a few young dogs and puppies that caught our eye, but they were usually taken by the time we inquired.  We saw Baloo's picture, and made arrangements to have him transported up from Tennessee.  He was never in a shelter, but he was part of a litter by a black lab who was rescued from her owner.  Baloo lived in a foster home with his litter mates until he was old enough to make the trip.  We were told that he had Bernese Mountain Dog in him, but who can ever really know?  We drove to Connecticut to meet the truck, and a very large, intimidating bald man came off the truck holding a complete teddy bear of a puppy.  We were in love immediately.  It was so amazing to see so many families there meeting their new family members, and dogs were wagging furiously as they met their forever parents.
He lived with us in our condo while we tried to sell it, and clearly learned all he knew from the cat.  He loved Church Street and the dog park.

Suddenly, once he was about a year old, he started attacking puppies.  We could no longer take him to the dog park or Church Street as he would lash out at other dogs.  As he grew, we realized he is a herding dog, and his exercise requirements are far above what we had been looking for or expected, but we committed to our beloved pup.  We were going to find a way for him to socialize and get exercise.  He was clearly depressed without it.  We found Off the Porch dog day camp shortly after our daughter was born.  It was a godsend for our boy.   He needed the structure of a good pack leader, and leash-free time.  When the owner moved to North Carolina, we were panicked.  But then we found Sara, and Baloo seamlessly joined her pack (along with other dogs from the other camp).  We would love to get a friend for him, but we are nervous about his dog reactivity.  At least this way he has friends to play with, and a pack leader he adores.  We can't thank Sara enough for providing such a lifeline for our "Schmooshy."