RAD Dog Rescues: Mitchell

"The story of how my dog, Mitchell was born starts with a couple of amazing women, Jen & Michelle doing outreach helping dogs on Long Island. In February of 2015 they had their eyes on helping these 3 chained pitt mixes, 2 small dog mixes and a litter of emaciated puppies that were being sold off. The puppies were living inside the house while the others were chained / kept outside with no shelter. The owners of the house used it for a prostitution ring, drug dealing and dog breeding for dog fights. There was an unfortunate event where several dogs mauled a person in the house and those dogs had to be euthanized. Soon, something needed to be done about the remaining dogs. As PMAR took on the two small mixes it became obvious that one female was pregnant, fearing she would need a c-section as she was only about 25 lbs to the males 80-90 pounds. 


This is where Mitchell's story actually starts, being born in a warm and loving foster home in VT. This foster home also took care of his mom and aunt and did everything to save the puppies. Not everyone in the litter survived and Mitchell was almost adopted out to another family but because he was seen to have hind end oddness (that he most likely got from being squished in his little momma) they passed on him. Today, Mitchell is healthy and athletic. He loves to run and play. He even joins Vermont Dog Pack’s Camp to run with his friends. He’s living a great life along with the other dogs and puppies that came out of this horrible situation. 


Pibbles and More Animal Rescue took the two small girl dogs together (the same bitch that gave birth to Mitchell 2 weeks later). A Home Fur Now Rescue took the 3 chained boys. And Victory 4 the Voiceless Animal Rescue took some of the other puppies. This is more of Mitchell’s families story and what she and the other dogs and puppies went through in Long Island.


This story is a bit long and complicated, but that’s probably how most of our dog’s parents lives were and how rescuing dogs can be. It’s easy to stop at our personal dogs story but if we look back we see how bad it has been for some of their parents and how that misfortune is passed down or sometimes turned into a fortunate situation thanks to the volunteers and shelters. I’m fortunate to know the true story that is the rescue that lead to my dog, Mitchell’s life."