Perfect Fit: Dog Friendly Living

Finding The Right Home For You & Your Dogs


For many people, a dog is much more than just a pet. It’s a member of the family, maybe even closer to having a child than an animal. Whether you just have one dog or several, you work hard to take care of them.


When you need to move into a new home, your dogs can complicate things a bit. You’re moving them as well, so you need to take their needs into account. From packing to settling into a new place, read on for some tips for making sure this move works for your entire family. It all starts with asking some questions beforehand.

Image Source: Pixabay

What To Ask Before Buying

Obviously, you’re going to look for a house that fits your needs, but there are a few questions to ask in order to find a pet-friendly house that meets your dogs’ needs as well.

  1. Are there any laws in your prospective hometown limiting what breeds you can have?

  2. Is there a housing association that limits breeds, weights, and sizes of dogs permitted?

  3. Will there be enough space (inside the home and outside in the yard) for your dogs?

Energetic and large dogs don’t work well in small places, whereas small dogs often prefer a mix of space and tight quarters.


Once you know the rules, there are a few additions questions you need answers to, such as:

  • Is the backyard secured by a fence?

  • Do the neighbors have dogs that will create a barking cacophony when yours arrive?

  • Are there stairs that an older pet dog cannot climb?

  • Are there any dog parks or good places to walk your dogs nearby?

  • Where is the closest vet, groomers, and kennel?

By having all these questions answered, you can save a lot of time and hassle when looking for a new place.

Tips For Packing & Moving

Now that you’ve found the right home, you have to start packing up. Dogs crave stability, but packing and moving take that away. Here are a few tips for making sure your dogs get through these processes.

  • Pack slowly. By making changes slowly over weeks or even months, there’s less stress for your dogs to endure.

  • As moving day gets closer, take your dogs on more walks to help them stay relaxed.

  • Leave your dogs’ belongings (toys, beds, bowls, etc.) to pack last. This lets dogs have some predictability while things are changing in their home environment.

  • Consider keeping your dogs with a friend or dog sitter on moving day. This will avoid stressing out your dogs while making sure they’re not underfoot while you try to carry heavy boxes to the truck. (And if you’re hiring movers, this helps even more.)

Helping Your Dog Adjust

Moving day has finally ended. You pick up your dogs and take them to their new home. At first, they’ll likely be excited — but that can fade as they realize the old home isn’t coming back. That’s why you need to help your dogs adjust to their new home.


Redfin recommends that you start back on your dogs’ normal routine. Feed, walk, and play at the same times you used to. Again, dogs want predictability, and sticking to the old routine will help tremendously. You’ll also want to spend some time playing with them and taking them for walks around the neighborhood.

A New Place For All Of You

Moving is always a bit stressful, but it’s worse for dogs since they don’t know what’s going on. Since they are part of your family, you need to get some answers before moving. Then slowly pack up your belongings and find a dog sitter for moving day. Once everyone is in the new place, help your dogs adjust to their new environment. This way, all of you can love your new home.


Written by Cindy Aldrige