Rhonda Bilodeau is a native Vermont dog trainer who has always had a passion for animals. Rhonda started Vermont Dog Pack, LLC based on the philosophy that in order to have healthy fulfilled dogs they need more time outside that includes free time and structured time, more socialization with other dogs and a strong pack leader to help guide them through life.

Rhonda is a certified Syn Alia Training Systems Trainer (SATS). SATS establishes quick communication with any kind of animal, empowers animals to cope with stressors, manage their own emotions and prepares animals to live successfully amongst humans. Rhonda is a graduate of Robin MacFarlane’s That’s My Dog! E-Cademy and certified in Martin Deeley’s E-Touch. She is trained in Chad Mackin’s Pack to Basics Socialization & Dogmanship Program and a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (#4924). She is trained in PetSaver and Pet CPR & First Aid through Pet Tech.

Rhonda is constantly learning and traveling the country to learn from highly respected dog trainers. She proudly uses and knows about various training tools to teach dogs appropriate and balanced behavior. She offers various Dog Training Programs to the Burlington, VT and greater Northeast communities. In addition to being a good dog trainer she is equally good with people in helping them feel comfortable and confident in training.

Rhonda started Dog Camp believing that it provided a “Doggie Daycare without Boundaries” and a supportive environment with pack friendly dogs. Her Dog Pack Camp dogs have greatly benefited from the pack style of walks and extra structure.

Rhonda is co-founder of Vermont Dog Socials where every dog is welcome to socialize and become more balanced by participating in non adrenalized play.  To learn more about Rhonda and VT Dog Pack visit her website at www.vermontdogpack.com and stay tuned for future collaboration and events between Rhonda and the RAD Girls!

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