"Almost from the time we got our first pup Levon, we knew someday we'd want to bring a second dog into the family and that we wanted to adopt. But we also knew the second one would have to be just the right fit. That he or she got along with Levon was an absolute must. When Jen started telling us about Tripp, we knew we had to meet him. What we didn't know was that within a minute of meeting the little guy, he would instantly click with our Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a dog who generally prefers to do his own thing with a ball or stick than chase after other pups. After watching the two of them run laps together over and over again around our yard and play like they were the best of pals, we were sold. 

Jen knew exactly the kind of home that Tripp needed. She understood that he needed to be around other dogs to come out of his shell and learn what fun life can be. And that is exactly what he's done! We couldn't be more grateful to Jen for bringing him to us and more encouraged by what RAD Girls Club VT is doing to help find every last pup a loving home and the chance to live the good life that every dog deserves. " -Kalin Burkhardt, adopted RAD Dog Tripp December 2015