"My sister, Katie, is one of the founders of Rad Girls Club VT.  I have been following the updates and seeing the cute dogs that have been rescued. A video of Tela was sent to me via text, and I didn’t even need to meet her before I knew that I had to have her. I set a date to drive from Philadelphia to Burlington to meet her. The drive up was long and full of anticipation. . When I arrived at my sister's house to meet her, Telashowered me with dog kisses and seemed like she couldn’t get enough!  After we met, we spent the night playing tug of war and fetch until she petered out and got very cuddly. I was impressed by how well-behaved and potty-trained she was, but even more impressed by the effect she had on other people- friends, family, Shelter volunteers, RAD Girls- all very taken by Tela and sad to see her go. 

The drive back to Philadelphia was when she and I really began to bond. Tela has a history of car sickness and with a ride that lasted longer than 6 hours,there were no problems with her tummy.  She was laying comfortably the whole ride with the occasional stretch, and what could have been the first McDonalds french fries she has ever got to try!

Tela is slowly but surely becoming a city dog. She tends to yell at strangers and loud noises. The difference is that she is very sweet when people decide to meet her and she’ll give them a kiss. She has a few friends already! Pheonix is her neighbor who is possibly even more hyper than her. Pheonix is a boy dog around her age, and while she was at first nervous to make friends, Pheonix broke the ice with some fun wrestling. Tela’s two other friends are Trey and Dante, two older dogs that know a thing or two and like to keep her in check. Tela in turn keeps them young with tug of war and races. 

All in all Tela is really happy in her new home and adjusting very nicely post-shelter life, I am happy to help bring her that freedom and care. "

-Jeffrey Falcone, adopted Tela January 2016.